Introducing Habitat SLO Ground Breakers Club

When we give together, your gift gets even bigger.

Ground Breakers are a special group of donors who go above and beyond in demonstrating their commitment to affordable, safe housing in our community through recurring monthly donations. These motivated donors have a special connection to our mission, our work, and our Partner Families.

Anyone who recognizes the the need for safe, affordable housing in San Luis Obispo County can join the club. Members of the Ground Breakers Club may be individuals, businesses, or others who want to show their commitment to building strength, stability, and self-reliance through home ownership in San Luis Obispo County.

Ready to join the club?

Typically, Ground Breakers will schedule a monthly gift of $25, $100, or more, though some choose to donate on a different schedule. Donors can customize their giving experience in their online profile.

Through recurring donations, you’ll ensure we have a reliable source of income that allows us to effectively plan ahead. Simply put, you’ll make sure our work can continue! Ground Breakers play a critical role ensuring local seniors can stay safely and comfortably in their own homes longer. They open doors for families to achieve homeownership. They support projects that bring people together and build community in local neighborhoods.

Your consistent contributions mean that we can plan and execute projects that positively impact our community year-round. We are so thankful for these special donors.

If you prefer to give offline, simply complete the offline donation form and mail it along with your check payable to

Habitat for Humanity San Luis Obispo County
P.O. Box 613
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

We are so thankful for your support!

Nativity of Our Lady Catholic Church Donates $1000 from their largest Thanksgiving collection ever

Habitat for Humanity San Luis Obispo County is delighted to announce a gift of $1,000 from the Nativity of Our Lady Catholic Church. This investment supports the Home Preservation, Affordable Housing, and Neighborhood Revitalization programs. Nativity of Our Lady has long supported the San Luis Obispo community and their contribution to Habitat for Humanity SLO County demonstrates a shared commitment to addressing the pressing housing challenges faced by low-income individuals and families in our community.

The Home Preservation program helps homeowners safely remain in their home by offering essential repairs, accessibility modifications, and weatherization efforts. The Affordable Housing program focuses on constructing affordable homes for local families who struggle to find suitable housing options. The Neighborhood Revitalization program aims to enhance entire communities by addressing social, economic, and environmental factors that impact housing conditions.

“We are grateful to Nativity of Our Lady for choosing Habitat SLO County to be one of the recipients of this year’s Thanksgiving Outreach Offering,” said Nicholas Rasmussen, CEO of Habitat for Humanity SLO County. “Their generosity will strengthen our Home Preservation, Affordable Housing, and Neighborhood Revitalization programs, allowing us to create safe and affordable housing solutions for even more families in need. We’re honored to accompany St. Vincent de Paul in the congregation’s generous outreach to our community.”

Father Matthew Pennington, Pastor at Nativity of Our Lady, and congregation members enthusiastically welcomed Habitat SLO County and St. Vincent de Paul staff members last Friday. “Every year we have a spectacular Thanksgiving day mass and in our collection we state that we are giving a portion to some worthy charities. We have been supporting Saint Vincent de Paul and our local Food Bank because both organizations are doing such great work. This year I wanted to expand our reach and support Habitat for Humanity SLO County to bring some awareness to the amazing work they are doing every day.”

Habitat for Humanity SLO County collaborates with residents, local businesses, and organizations to implement sustainable changes that uplift neighborhoods and foster a sense of belonging. The investment from Nativity of Our Lady will help Habitat SLO County to make a lasting impact in our community.

Pennington shared, “Our people were delighted to support Habitat SLO County and gave very generously on Thanksgiving…we had our largest Thanksgiving collection ever! It was a great pleasure to encourage in a small way the significant and important work of Habitat SLO County. We at Nativity of Our Lady consider ourselves a friend of Habitat for Humanity.”

As a Habitat for Humanity International affiliate, Habitat for Humanity SLO County appreciates direct donations to their organization. These contributions enable the organization to utilize donor funds locally, reinforcing their commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

Vine St. Build Day with Bank of America

Playhouse Build Program Launch

Introducing our Playhouse Build Program

With the Playhouse Build Program, our goal is to build joy in our community. Each event brings together creative volunteers and generous donors to create a place local children can imagine, play, and call their own. Play is an essential part of child development, and creative play in a safe, dream-inspiring place instills confidence and joy in the hope of our community’s future: our children.

Our playhouses are built from a customized template developed by Habitat SLO County’s Jim Harper. The simple design makes setting up these playhouses easy, while creative touches such as swinging shutters, shingled roofs, and a large door–coupled with the unique paint decorations–make the homes feel special for each child.

The finished playhouses are donated to local families or organizations, or may be resold in our ReStore.

March 25 Playhouse Build Event

Our Playhouse Build Program was officially launched on March 25 at the Octagon Barn in San Luis Obispo. Over 25 volunteers, staff, and supporters came together to decorate and assemble three full-size playhouses in six hours. Each team developed a creative design scheme for their house which included flowers, bugs, clouds, and stars, alongside festive and vibrant colors.

You can view one of these completed playhouses at “Build With Us” on Thursday May 4 at The Penny SLO before it is donated to the Tom Maas Clubhouse for the Boys and Girls Club in Paso Robles. The two other playhouses were donated to the San Luis Coastal Unified School District Adult School Parent Participation preschool playground.